I don't run out of bullets, I run out of bodies. ~Ezekiel Carson, The Blood Rider®
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Graphic Novel
Illustrated by Vicente Alcázar and
Written by Erica Schultz and
Konstantine Bakalis
based on the book
The Blood Rider® Written by
Mark Tarrant and
Konstantine Bakalis

The Authors

Mark Tarrant

Mark Tarrant is a creative powerhouse who knew he wanted to write and create from his first encounter with Star Wars.

Born in Lansing, Michigan, and growing up in Massachusetts, Tarrant grew up loving books about monsters and the unknown.

A big fan of comics − especially those of Robert E. Howard’s Conan character − his reading eventually included the master of horror, Stephen King. His storytelling is also influenced by his passion for Western movies, particularly The Good, The Bad & The Ugly.

His artistic talents have received recognition in The Boston Globe, USA Today, The Valley Advocate, The Republican, The Herald and The Buzz.

Mark strives to continue to create unique characters and situations for entertainment whether it be in film, comics, books or short stories. His favorite two words are “What if…” or those who know him… “dinner time..”

Tarrant’s personal life is a sharp contrast to the fantasy world that captivates his readers. He lives in New Mexico, loves history, especially the wild west, pop culture, and gets especially excited during NFL season. Tarrant has recently discovered another creative passion: parenting his daughter. Being a father has given him another platform for storytelling.

Learn more about Mark at www.MarkTarrant.com

Konstantine Bakalis

Konstantine Bakalis was born in Australia and has been writing poetry and short stories since he was young. After graduating high school at 16, he traveled around the world before starting university.

An entrepeneur, Konstantine has received several U.S. Patents for inventions over the years.

He has also created an entire fragrance line and a clothing line that is gaining recognition.

Aside from co-authoring the literary novel and graphic novel versions of The Blood Rider®, he recently became an executive producer of the independent film FROST BITE in 2011.

Currently, he is working on his next novel, but his greatest adventure just began with the birth of his daughter this past January.